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The automotive division of Senoplast develops and markets high-grade plastic sheets under the trade name of senosan® for exterior and interior applications in the automobile, commercial vehicle, truck, bus, rail and caravan industries.

Individual vehicle concepts require alternative processing methods. Thermoforming offers the advantage of lower investment costs and cost intensive painting processes can be removed. Senosan® sheet materials can be distinguished by varied surface designs such as, for example solid and metallic effect colors, matt surfaces, emboss patterns, lamination, décor films and many more.

Senoplast specialises in co-extruded, multilayer sheets which allow problem free processing. Senosan® sheets for vehicle exterior (e.g. roof module, light weight doors) are successful due to UV-stable Class A color layers and high impact heat deformation resistant carrier layers. For the vehicle interior, (e.g. cladding parts, dashboards) Senoplast offers special abrasion- resistant emboss patterns and Softfeel® surfaces.

Besides purely automotive applications, the product range of our Automotive Division is directed to all thermoformers with similar demands regarding design, color diversity, UV resistance and mechanical properties, At Senoplast, we offer more than just a high quality sheet. Our customers value particularly our additional services, including:

  • Product development and Quality Control to automotive regulations
  • Individual customer packing solutions
  • Flexible delivery and short reaction times
  • Technical application support with thermoforming and subsequent processes
  • Material Analysis in technical laboratory under request

Sustainability is an important aspect and this is particularly demanded by our customers in the automotive sector. With the following measurements, Senoplast contributes to protect the environment:

  • Recycling of customer waste with reuse in the middle layer of commodity products (Senocircle System)
  • Processing heat from the extrusion lines is stored in the separate heating plant in Piesendorf village
  • Production is carried out to over 90% with electricity from water power

Highest quality, partner-based product development, application technology support and environment friendly production – this is how we bring our customers into the overtaking lane!


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