senosan® ABS/PMMA bathroom & wellness areas

High gloss and supermatt surfaces for the bathroom and wellness area

senosan® 3000 und senosan® 2000

senosan® composite sheets offer the start material for the manufacture of vacuum formed sanitary items with critical design. These are multi-layer composite sheets of ABS and PMMA with a brilliant surface of sanitary acrylic. The reinforcement layer of our sheets brings additional stiffness to the sanitary article.

… senosan® sanitary sheets in use for 40 years!

senosan® sheets for sanitary article offer excellent design possibilities in established sanitary colours for the manufacture of baths, hand basins, steam cabins, shower cubicles, shower baths, panels, fronts and much more.

senosan® 3000er series for sanitary applications

Critical design requirements by customers and demands of profitability with the same high quality of manufacture allow new innovative materials to gain in importance. The next generation in extrusion technology – co-extruded composite sheets of ABS and PMMA. A practical combination of both raw materials brings increased stress cracking resistance, shorter cycle times, better colour stability and much more in comparison with steel, cast acrylic and ceramics.

This brings you an unbeatable advantage!

senosan® 3000 is a multi-layer composite material made from ABS and PMMA. The reinforcement layer gives the sanitary component additional stiffness. The very good flow properties of senosan® 3000 allow problem-free processing with modern thermoforming machines. Sharp definition and complicated shapings are highly achievable and underline the innovative claims of the product.

The unbeatable product advantages are:

  • brilliant surface of sanitary acrylic
  • warm surface
  • increased chemical resistance
  • high break strength
  • long life in use
  • excellent design possibilities
  • easyglide® layer
  • low specific weight
  • recyclable
  • repairable
  • low memory effect
Product group Quality
 senosan® 3000 Superior quality with highest chemical resistance, meets EN 13559
senosan® 2000 Standard quality with good chemical resistance

* further widths on request 

senosan®  3000 is available in all current sanitary colours. Special colours can be matched to meet customer requirements.

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