senosan® ABS/PMMA exterior applications

senosan ®  AM50 SOLAR EG products

With the product series senosan® AM50 SOLAR EG , Senoplast has set market standard standards. These co-extruded multilayer sheets consist of an easily thermoformable and high impact ABS and a top layer of impact modified acrylic (PMMA). In order to maintain the colour stability of the finished product after extended external use, the PMMA layer is homogeneously matched in the colour of the carrier layer.

Alongside many standard colours, special colours including metallic effects and several emboss surfaces are available. The sheets can be formed without problem on conventional vacuum forming machines with top and bottom heating.

The advantages of the senosan ®  AM50 SOLAR EG products are clear:

  • brilliant colours
  • excellent UV stability
  • high impact resistance

Our sales team is pleased to inform you in detail on these products and the variety of possible applications.

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