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EMAS  and ISO 14001

The Europe-wide valid EMAS decree and the worldwide recognised ISO 14001 enable companies to build up the environment management system according to standardised and verifiable guidelines and to have these validated.

The purpose of the decree and the Norm is to keep company environment protection at a high level and to continuously improve.

A main item of the management system is the establishing of internal order of events, responsibilities and responsible parties for regular control and improvement of the company environmental situation.

Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH has been EMAS appraised since 22. November 2006 and has been certified since October 2000 to ISO14001 – proof that the company is operating environment oriented management within the factory.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international norm which sets minimum standards which are to be introduced and after which sequences of events are to be organised within a company. The norm covers quality and reliability of performance and delivery.

In the year 1992 Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH was certified to ISO 9001 by Quality Austria and in 1997 certification according to ISO 9001 was achieved. All valid certificates are availabe in our Info Center Menu item Certificates.

D & B Certification

The Dun and Bradstreet Rating Certificate is a quality badge for the economy and stands for reliability and stability. In order to attain the certificate, the company must have been in the best risk class for over one year.

This award confirms Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH as a trustworthy and attractive business partner with a proven, stable company standing and a very good payment ethic. It demonstrates the capability of being able to meet obligations in respect of customers and suppliers. Find here the Link to Bisnode's Top 1 Rating Companies.




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