Technical Service & Development: Innovating Research & Development

Explore our tailor-made solutions for research, application engineering, and material testing. Discover the breadth of our services and our commitment to exceptional service.

Our in-house Technical Service and Development departmen t specializes in meeting industry demands and customer needs through innovative solutions in research & development, application engineering, technical laboratory services, and material testing.

Our Key Offerings:

Research & Development: Continuously exploring and developing new material composites to meet evolving industry requirements.

Application Engineering: Comprehensive support for processing and applying high-quality materials like senosan® and senotop® plastic sheets and films .

Our Services Cover:

  • Processing guidance and consultancy
  • Specification testing and validation
  • Certificate issuance and confirmations
  • Design proposals and concept development
  • Assembly, fastening techniques, and partial conception
  • Process optimization and damage analysis
  • Product recommendations and safety data sheet preparation
  • Technical information dissemination and consultancy

Technical Laboratory: Utilizing cutting-edge laboratories to conduct extensive technical tests and ensure product quality.

Material Testing: Offering comprehensive material testing to assess and enhance material properties and performance.

Our Service Spectrum Includes:

  • Developing novel material composites
  • Providing technical customer service (AWETA)
  • Active participation in standardization committees
  • Expertise in patent law

We deliver superior service to our clients through close collaboration. With our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, we guarantee a high service level and swift solutions to your challenges.

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