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senosan® for refrigerators

For over 60 years, Senoplast has been producing high performance plastic sheets and films under the brand name senosan® for all requirements of the refrigeration industry and offers a wide range of products for interior and exterior applications.

Our products are used, amongst many others for the following applications:

  • Inner liners, door liners (HIPS or ABS/PMMA in matt finish).
  • Cladding (end products: chests) for supermarket displays, drink cooler etc.
  • Refrigerator external doors, various covers and cladding such as side components, which can be used either thermo-formed or by heat bending.
  • Sheets with milled edges and/or cut-outs for e.g. dispensers or displays, which at customer specification can be processed accordingly. These sheets can, for example be used as refrigerator fronts (glass replacement).

senosan ® ABS/PMMA composite sheets are already well established in the market and offer many advantages compared with traditional, mainly powder coated sheet steel options.

The Advantages:

  • easy processing
  • virtually unlimited design freedom
  • different designs can be relatively quickly and cost effectively put into production
  • choice of metallic-effect and solid colours
  • excellent surface quality of senosan® products, e.g. no orange-peel effect
  • extremely high technical values in terms of scratch resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance


senosan® for refrigerators – exterior applications

senosan® high-gloss and matt PMMA surfaces

Product Name Description Colours & Surfaces Applications
senosan® AM50(C)F EG
senosan® AM50CI EG
senosan® AM50CF MET.EG
ABS/PMMA-composites high gloss
uni colours
metallic colors
Refrigerator external doors
Claddings for supermarket displays
Drink coolers
Various covers
senosan® AM50 SEMIMATT EG
senosan® AM50M SEMIMATT EG
ABS/PMMA-composites matt
uni colors
metallic colors


senosan® for refrigerators – interior applications

All products are fully recyclable and food grade approved to BfR recommendation V1, FDA Regulation 21 Ch. 1 and EU Directive 2002 /72/EC with relevant appendices.

senosan® Multi-layer sheet of stress-cracking resistant, impact strength polystyrene (ESCR-HIPS)

Product Characteristic Surface PUR-propellant*
senosan® H22F High impact ESCR HIPS matt R11, C5, HFCKWs
senosan® HP22F HT  High impact ESCR HIPS high gloss R11, C5, HFCKWs
senosan® H22F ANTIBAC High impact ESCR HIPS matt
anti-bacterial coated
R11, C5, HFCKWs
senosan® HP22F HT ANTIBAC High impact ESCR HIPS high gloss
anti-bacterial coated
R11, C5, HFCKWs

senosan® ABS multi-layer composite sheets with excellent resistance to normal PUR blowing agents

Product Characteristic PUR-Treibmittel*
senosan® A45   machine gloss R11, C5, HFCKWs
senosan® A50TW machine gloss R11, C5, HFCKWs

*example of frequently used propellants

*Thickness and dimensions are available to normal market requirements.


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