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Senoplast Austria

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Situated centrally in the Salzburg Pinzgau, the Senoplast operational base is on the edge of the Hohe Tauern National Park, one of the most beautiful regions of Austria. The factory site on the eastern edge of the village borders to the north on the Pinzgau local railway and the federal road B168. Alongside the road, green areas and residential areas are seen to be mixed. In the east and to the south are the industrial zones and green fields used for agriculture. A housing development to the west is protected by a tree planted noise protection wall and an access road. Traffic connections are achieved by a factory entrance road to the north-west and also by a siding of the local railway.

By building a factory to produce co-extruded plastic semi-finished materials, this purely agricultural and small industry structured community has received a modern business with a global network. From the location in Piesendorf, Senoplast achieves an export quota of up to 90% whereby a very strong market position has been achieved in European areas. With currently 660 employees Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH is the main employer within the village of around 3,700 residents.

All production lines operate at extremely low noise and emission levels which bring no kind of negative effect on nature and the environment. For years there has been an excellent neighbourly atmosphere with all neighbours which is achieved by effectual symbiosis between human beings, nature and industry.

Wilhelm-Klepsch-Str. 1
5721 Piesendorf
Tel: +43/6549/7444

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