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We take responsibility because we act with foresight and sustainability.

Our natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, the world's population is growing and climate change is moving at a very high speed.

Senoplast takes responsibility for its employees, its customers, but also towards the environment and society, because sustainability is a central element of our corporate policy. We started early on integrating environmental and social criteria into our business decisions in order to find new, sustainable ways. Already during the construction of the plant in 1978, a "Fire Pond Biotope" was integrated. In recent years, the biotope has become one of the most important water bodies in the region, with up to 500,000 amphibians finding a safe habitat here.

At Senoplast we are constantly working on various innovations and solutions for environmental protection and sustainability. Our brand name senosan® stands not only for the excellent quality of the sheets and foils, but above all for their environmentally conscious and virtually waste-free production. The thermoplastics we process are organic polymers that are melted and are malleable under heat and pressure. Due to their properties, thermoplastics have the advantage of being fully recyclable. Particularly in the field of recycling, Senoplast offers a large number of products that meet the increasing demands for environmental compatibility and that can be re-processed. Our normal production takes about 1/3 of the amount of plastic used in-house and involves the customers´waste (leftovers from cutting the sheets) in this recycling process. This gives our customers price advantages and helps the environment.

We have been ecologically responsible for everyone. What we have already achieved and what we still intend to do is available on request from our environmental officer Mr. Christian Eisenmann (Tel: +43 6549 7444 10377).

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