We are the ones with the Green Spirit

Committed to responsibility

Environmentally friendly products and production

We know that products that can be produced in a resource-efficient manner and recycled in an environmentally oriented way are playing an increasingly important role in our society today.

We produce long life products - no disposables!

Our products benefit people, are environmentally friendly and we are constantly working to improve them.

We continue to develop recycling concepts and optimize our material flow management in order to take responsibility for our products and production. The production in Piesendorf does not affect the quality of air, water and soil sustainably. Environment, safety and health are integral parts of our business policy. We have always been ecologically responsible - regardless of whether it is about the use of materials or the manufacturing process.

For this reason, Senoplast discontinued the production of packaging materials, because PET as packaging material causes more than 2/3 of the total plastic contamination. Only 2% PET is recycled worldwide, the rest ends up on the beach.

Furthermore, we are constantly working on product developments for automotive applications & commercial vehicle industry. We already supply well-known manufacturers of electric vehicles with our products.

Also in the field of flight cases and roof boxes a clear trend can be seen already since some years. Strict regulations on luggage weight make it important for passengers to use a suitcase with as little own weight as possible. Here we offer our customers tailor-made senosan® and senolite® sheets to significantly reduce the weight of the luggage.

Obviously, clean room conditions and solvent-free production are used to ensure the proven senosan® quality and environmentally friendly processes.

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