We are the ones with the Green Spirit

Committed to responsibility

We are the pioneers in Environmental Care

We are responsible for our future.

Senoplast was one of the first companies that promoted environmental care. In addition, Senoplast is also a pioneer in EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), a voluntary EU instrument that helps companies to continuously improve their environmental performance.
We are aware of our responsibility towards people and the environment and have implemented comprehensive measures in corporate environmental protection - including energy efficiency, but also around environmentally friendly mobility, environmental certifications and resource conservation.


Using waste heat saves fuel oil (Co2)

By using the production waste heat to heat the plant (about 50%) or district heating from biomass, we save the environment the emissions of about 165,000 liters of heating oil.
That corresponds to a quantity of 541 t CO2 per year.
Furthermore, the utilization of waste heat brings local heat for the community of Piesendorf.       


Low Co2 load

The production of 1 kg of senosan® causes CO2 emissions of 8.1 g at the production site in Piesendorf. An economical mid-range car causes 120 g CO2 per km.


Electricity from renewable energy

100% of our electricity originates from renewable energy sources.


Other measurements:

  • Coordination of heating energy and heat recovery
  • Company buses for employees
  • Encourage employees to use public transport
  • Strict waste separation during operation
  • General waste prevention (water from PET bottles has been replaced by tap water)

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