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Symbiosis between man and nature! The responsibility of future oriented behaviour with the environment and careful production procedures as provable advantage over the competition.Co-ordination of waste materials, lasting careful and environment protective use of resources together with the build-up of a stable waste disposal network are set as the top priority. Active environment protection along with quality assurance and work safety is one of the highest company targets of Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH.

It has been and remains the target in the company, which as one of the leading employers in the region also takes on structure-political responsibility, to bring about a fruitful symbiosis between man and factory. With the implementation of an ecology concept, one tries to question and to constantly improve the target in relevant operational areas with an all-embracing approach from both an ecological and economical standpoint. Systematic environment management makes it possible to approach environment problems in a precautionary way and to replace them by product integrated solutions.

Environment oriented company management is innovative, thinks towards the future and puts old solutions under question. In the knowledge that also the environment is a limited production factor – synonymous with the factors of work and capital – is not freely available and an environment conscious company is prepared to find new, safe ways for the future.

It is proven that Senoplast shows a high level of environment consciousness by meeting the criteria of the Climate Alliance. Amongst extensive measures for climate protection are:

  • Use of thermoplastics – 100% recyclable and therefore environment and resource friendly
  • Development of recycling and power management concepts and circle systems within the framework of Responsible Care of the environment
  • Optimum co-ordination of heating energy and heat return measures
  • Reduction in CO² environmental loading

Introduction of Environment Management System to ISO 14001 in 2000 and appraisal to EMAS in 2007 document this green path.

On request we are sending you our actual environmental statement. Please be so kind and contact Mr. Christian Eisenmann (Tel: +43 6549 7444 10377) directly.

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