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Quality in Plastic

Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH endeavours to establish and expand products on world markets by sustained high quality and reliability. For Senoplast, quality is not just that of the product but also the quality of service and all business processes. Quality is seen as the result of fulfilling customer requirements.

Based on this way of thinking, a continuous improvement process takes place which determines the quality policy and at the same time helps to sustain the success of the company. Quality characteristics for sheets and films such as dimensional accuracy, colour, excellent surface, quality of surface protection films, layer distribution thickness are continuously checked by trained quality personnel and production colleagues.

Other checks accompanying production such as surface gloss measurement, the quality of high gloss surfaces, Corona treatment, break behaviour and pre-stress levels are carried out specifically product based or on customer request.

Measuring data can be processed statistically by means of software. When necessary, machine and process capability investigations for individual product characteristics can be carried out. New raw materials are subjected to detailed quality testing prior to use in series production. With all processes, the criteria are the Norms of the Quality Management System to ISO-9001.

"Requirements of our customers are checked and taken into our specification documentation and then carried out by quality conscious, responsible employees. Specialised competent personnel work out new problem solutions for our customers. Innovative ideas and new findings are intensively checked by teams of specialists and brought to an economic solution by means of targeted project work. All products are manufactured and tested to standardised specifications and customer requirements. Manufacturing plant and equipment is subjected to permanent monitoring and optimisation. The quality capability of our suppliers is monitored and further developed on a partnership basis. Competitive capability on international markets is ensured by targeted measures and the knowledge and experience of our co-workers"

Peter Fankhauser
Head of Quality Management (QM)

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