Automotive Industry

For many years the automotive division has supplied senosan® sheets for the production of niche and small vehicles (e.g. Ligier, Aixam, Microcar, Renault Twizy etc.). Here glass fibre reinforced plastic components, which often had to be smoothed and painted were replaced by pigmented senosan® thermoformed parts with the highest gloss and Class A surface quality.

senosan® is the market leader in the field of niche and small vehicles for the following reasons:

  • highest UV resistance of materials
  • no color difference within and between color runs
  • use of high impact and high temperature resistant raw materials (High impact ABS and ABS/PC and high impact PMMA surface layers)
  • application technology support for fitting, bonding and reinforcement techniques
  • highest surface quality and surface specification to automotive specifications

The desire for individualisation, new drive technologies and the demand for special purpose vehicles reduces the quantity runs of established vehicle manufacturers. Due to low investment costs, thermoforming is becoming ever more interesting as a technology. As quality leader and due to our many years of automotive experience, Senoplast is the logical partner for new vehicle concepts.

senotop® products

A special product are the senotop® films , which are used for automotive interior and for exterior components . The product portfolio ranges from in-line colored films with class A surface that save time and cost-intensive painting processes to special carrier films. For interior applications , senotop® films are back-injected, for exterior applications they are reinforced with PU back-foaming processes.

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