Electro-mobility & light construction

Light construction means raw material savings, reduction in fuel use or increase in possible load weight, just to name a few examples. Especially when the subject is electro-mobility OEMs, suppliers together with research institutions are looking for light construction solutions. Interior and exterior parts made of plastics reduce the weight of cars considerably, which makes it possible to travel longer distances. Especially with concept vehicles produced in small or medium quantities (1,000 - 30,000 units), thermoforming using low tool costs can mean a big advantage.

The combination of senosan® sheets with tried and tested fixing and reinforcement technologies allows our customers to replace existing product concepts with lighter concepts.

Body components such as with the Elektro-Micro-Laster Citelec or the roof module of the Renault Twizy are just a few references. In this respect, Senoplast can offer application technology support alongside the correct sheet material.

In the Senoplast range, there are also products which help the conversion of light construction technologies. In this way, with co-extruded films from Senoplast, painting of CFK or GFK parts can be done at lower cost.

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